Technology July 11, 2024

APPLE VISION PRO & Real Estate Applications

APPLE VISION PRO & Real Estate Applications


Recently I had the opportunity to do a demonstration of the Apple Vision Pro.  I had no expectations, or knowledge of the capabilities going into the demo.  My previous life experience with 3 D movies had always been lackluster.  Maybe it had to do with the fact I used to wear glasses, and they might have interfered with the 3D experience.

At the local Apple Store the team member was patient, and walked me through the set up of the Vision Pro.  The device has inward facing cameras that track the movement of your eyes.  You use your eyes to pick icon in the vision field inside the headset.  There are downward facing cameras that pick up the movement of your hands.  Using your eyes and hands, you can scroll through the icons, which are the same icons on an iPhone.  Within a few minutes I was navigating around in the virtual world.  I think the closest comparison is the Heads-Up Display, (HUD) that elite fighter pilots have in military aircraft.  The field of normal vision is replaced with forward facing camera.  So conceivably the headset can be adapted to use night vision or thermal cameras and be used in complete darkness.

With the newest iPhone 15 there is spatial photos and videos with the camera on the iPhone.  My description is that it is the most colorful 4K, maybe 8K pictures and videos, that come out is such vibrant 3D, that it looks better than real life.  I think this has to do with the fact the pictures and videos are perfectly backlit.  In reality, that the sun, glare, shade and shadows, can cause the iris to contract, not so with the Vision Pro.  The only experience that has ever come close in my experience is some of the rides at Disney World.  Some rides at Disney trick your senses, with moving chairs, sounds and 2 D Video.  Vision Pro is better than that.  Pictures can expand 360 degrees, and you can turn around and see the panorama pictures behind you.  The sound is also spatial and is reminiscent of a fancy surround sound system

How will Vision Pro be useful in the Real Estate sales realm?  I think MediaMatterPort 3D tours, drone photography, and eventually the professional photography inside a property.  I can see where luxury properties will offer such a service for investors, and the luxury buyer.  As the price point of the Vison Pro becomes more affordable from $3,499-$3,899 256GB-1TB, the use of the Vision Pro, and other competing device, will become more prevalent.  The sharing of screens would be far more vibrant and effective than google teams and zoom meetings.

What are the cons?  The headset has some weight to it, so moving around too much might be tricky.  There is an attached battery module.  This is connected by a wire, presumably would be in a pocket to free up your hands.  I have no idea about the battery life.

All in all it is an excited view of future technology, and has a lot of potential applications, for professional work, and recreation.